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Does your property require mitigation or restoration after a natural disaster, extreme weather event or unexpected damage?


• Licenced Builders – ABRS are fully licenced builders & understand each and every aspect of a buildings construction to enable the best possible outcome in regards to any loss caused by any insurable event – From inception to reinstatement.

• IICRC Accredited Technicians – ABRS technicians hold IICRC certifications in Water Restoration, Mould Remediation, Fire & Smoke & Structural Drying.

• Experience – ABRS have been involved in the insurance repair sector for over 20 years – We are well respected, trusted & engaged by many insurance companies & loss adjusting firms to look after their customers in a time of need.

Water loss

Burst pipes, broken flexi-hoses or some other unexpected escape of liquid from a water source can cause immeasurable loss to your home. It is important to have this mitigated as quickly as possible to ensure secondary damages & escalated microbial growth do not occur.

Structural Drying

After a flood, escape of liquid or extreme weather event, a building may require structural drying. Our skilled team specialises in this area by utilising heat injection, dehumidification & airflow to the dry the affected structure.

Mould Remediation

If a water loss or building leak is left unattended, there is a risk of mould developing within the building envelope. Certain moulds can produce & emit mycotoxins which may affect the respiratory system. ABRS use negative air machines & other specialist processes during mould remediation to prevent cross contamination to other unaffected parts of the property.

Odour Control

Odour control is an integral part of the restoration & mitigation process – ABRS use Thermal Fogging, Hydroxyl Generators & other specialist techniques to remove malodours that have developed during a loss such as fire, water, mould.

Timber Floors & Concrete Drying

ABRS use only the best heat injection equipment from Drymatic Australia to dry solid timber & concrete floors & this is one of our areas of expertise.


If not attended to promptly, fire, smoke & soot damage can cause secondary damages to metal components including tapware, window frames, electronics and other parts of the building.

Contents Processing

ABRS can process contents inventory including packout & temporary storage facilities until the property is habitable or disposal of non-restorable contents items.

We are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency